Jacaranda inspired painting for new local cafe!

Truong Le and artist Peatea together in front of work of art
Truong Le and artist Peatea together in front of commissioned piece.

Upon the exciting opening of new West End local; Jacaranda Coffee Lane hit me up to create a piece to add to their interior for fellow egg-eaters and coffee drinkers to enjoy.

I had full creative reign on this one; the brief short and simple: ‘make something beautiful!’

In brain storming this piece I soaked up all the feels through having breakky there with friends, and took inspiration from the bright and airy aesthetic of the venue. There were beautiful creamy whites and lovely tans of the walls, accented with sky blue crockery to have your yummy eggs and benny on.

I wanted to create something that complimented the palette of colours already in the cafe, and celebrated the breezy culture of the venue and West End itself. With this I created a colourful piece that was inspired by the modest little jacaranda flower, that together in their wonderfully huge bunches creates amazing rushes of purple when one wonders past.

I caught up with Truong Le, one of the owners of the cafe today to ask him what he thinks about the brand spanking new piece:


“I think the piece is a wonderful elegant addition to the space we have – I get a great sense of calm and mystery from looking at it and I think our guests would agree.”

Check the piece out for yourself, and grab a bite to eat and a coffee to sip on while you are at it! Find Jacaranda Coffee Lane @ 3/173 Boundary St, West End QLD 4101


Have a squiz at Squiz’s new mural!

They say that you spend about 30% of your life at work… So why not spend it in a little style? I recently teamed up with the guys at Squiz Brisbane to encapsulate the Squizbriz personality in mural form.

After a few coffees and brainstorming sessions, many wacky and quirky ideas were churned out and out came this little wonder (see photos above!).

Mural highlights include Gumby relaxing on a hot steaming pizza, the little girl from the Old El Paso ‘porque qué no los dos’ ad dreaming of two types of tacos (hard and soft of course), Godzilla eating its veggies, and a sign post directing to all the local necessities (aka closest coffee joint, best beer joint and nearby free parking!).

Here are some quotes from some of the Squizzers about what they think of this new colourful wall:

“It’s fantastic! Four thumbs up!” – Will P.


“It makes me feel pleasantly surprised because whenever I walk past I see something new” – Jane A.


“It’s quite sturdy and keeps the ceiling up, and it’s quite purple” – Oliver N.


“Such ah, much creative!” – Jason C.


“It brightens up my day every time I walk past it” – Anthony P.


“It makes me feel warm and fuzzy, proud to work in the Brisbane office!” – Bart B.

Check out the full progression video of the mural below!

– Peatea

Thanks Sue

A person on the rooftop covered in graffiti

Lately I’ve been experiencing these heart wrenching moments of “holy crap what the hell am I doing; am I doing it the right way! Should I even bother?!” in pursuing #bigdream projects. Thank goodness for friends and family always there to say (something along the lines of) “get your head out of your ass and keep chuggin on”.

I thought I’d share with you all a little sweet something my friend Sue said to me…

“yea – change is like that – but opportunities are for grabbing”

Thanks Sue 🙂

– Peatea

Struggles of a creative person

Person walking down the alley with graffiti in background

It’s not that I am not a focused person. It is just that there are so many things out there which are so… cool. Not so entirely sure as to whether this is a struggle of a creative person or simply a struggle with me. I find that at many of a time I’m like a kid in a candy store oohing and aahing at all the sugary glittery gummies and bright perfect candies.

In this analogy the kid is me, and the candy store is me trying to steer through life; and in life; there are so many struggles yet to come, so many new faces to become acquainted to, so many roads to be driven down, so many laughs to be had. I know that the source of creativity for me lies within this fantastic concoction of bewildering new experiences.

Though, when it hits, it always surprises me when that ‘aha’ moment comes.

Creativity is… unpredictable, which is a struggle… but also so equally amazing that creeps up so curiously onto one, which is a little bit fantastic isn’t it?

– Peatea

Things happening yeah!


Look at me being all adult like and doing things to achieve my goals from New Year’s wishes! What is that I hear you say?


Yes… first blog to kick start off my site for all things arty farty and everything in between. Looking forward to keeping this consistent, and showing you all my creative happenings in the land of Peatea.

Currently I’m at the stage of getting all my crap together – in this long list of todo’s include such things like logos, good photos of my work, testimonials and content write up of the work I have done for clients… it is cringeworthy thinking about it too long so I’m not going to.

Instead, I’ll finish off my Sleepy Tea and bid you a good night because me writing up my first blog post is a good note to sleep on I reckon!


– Peatea